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as for recruited chesty he was a ways to go to match up to the sergeant. >> we are looking to him to mentor the young recruited and set a positive example for him. >> mascot tradition goes back to world war one when the germans called the marines devil dogs. in the early 20s they formally enlisted. they change the name to chesty after left turn lewis chesty puller and they take it all very seriously. >> we have had them busted back in rank before. >> chris: how did the dogs take it? >> marines don't take it well when they get demoted. we can't have a mascot biting and barking and doing things and what they are not supposed to do. >> chris: that is what he did
4:01 pm
last summer when he went after panetta's dog? >> he barked. >> chris: there was challenging, control of the military? >> this was right in front of the secretary of defense. >> after the breach of protocol there was speculation that he was being forced out. >> he was promoted to sergeant after that. it's not a forced retirement. >> chris: whatever the reason the pup should be the new mascot by late august with as many as five public events a week. >> chesty is great way to represent the more than 200,000 sailors and semifinalians that make up our corps. he has very important job. we're happy to have him. >> chris: one of my favorite power players ever. the marine mascot generally says five years as chesty is five
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years which is 35 years in a dog's life. have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> this is a fox report tonight. high stakes deal making playing out thousands of miles away in europe now with one country on the brink of financial failure. how it could affect anybody, anybody with money invested in the market. we know how tied our dollars are to europe. we've seen crisis over there turn into pain here at home. fox report, how the fate of a tiny island called cyprus could affect anyone whose money is invested in the stock market.
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and from a man made storm overseas to a natural one here at home. in minutes, millions of americans in the path of severe spring weather. some will get snow, others a whole different story. also, if we're going to call them heroes, we better treat them like it. pressure mounting to help our fighting men and women get the benefits they need when they come home from war. i'm harris falkner, we begin tonight with a banking crisis in a tiny european country on the eve of what looks like a financial collapse. why do we care? this is setting a whole new precedent when it comes to countries spending more than what they have. the people of cyprus are faced with a government reaching into their personal bank accounts to pay its bills. this is not like a tax. it's a smash and grab. the government runs the banks, so when they're failing and need money, they could keep the deposits that the citizens have inside their accounts. cyprus needs to come up with
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7 1/2 billion dollars on its on in order to get the european unions to loan it the rest of the money to keep the country running. it's like matching funds in a highway and in belgium holding last minute talks with european leaders. they better talk quickly because the european bank has been giving emergency cash to cyprus to keep the banks there afloat. that cash stops tomorrow if there's no deal in the works. some pictures now from earlier. citizens filling the streets in panics and their businesses hurting from no cash flow and the atm's shut down. and they're worried the government will take their money. greg palkot is in cyprus and brenda buttner in the studio. let's go to graeg. what's the latest for cyprus. >> reporter: harris, it looks like it's going to be an
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all-nighter. and people are looking nervously on. the president of cyprus and his dad are meeting with european union officials and others, they're trying to work out a deal to keep this country from going bankrupt. we talked a short while ago with people close to those negotiations and he said the terms are nothing short of blackmail. cyprus president reportedly threatening to resign. among the details here getting fox so fox-- folks so upset. 25% on big depositors as well as a costly revamp of the troubled financial system. again, the deadline for this deal is supposed to be on monday. the banks are supposed to reopen on tuesday. believe it or not, by tuesday, they will have been closed here for ten days. the folks here are already worried about a run on banks. atm's that have cash and there are very few of those, are
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already putting a limit on how much cash they will put out. again, according to the experts, a failure here could be trouble throughout europe and of course, europe is a big trading partner and ally of the unite harris, back to you. >> harris: we'll get into more of that. now the part where americans begin to watch the clock and wall street set to open hours from now. senior correspondent, bulls and bears, brenda buttner joining me now. we're watching the futures ahead of the opening. our markets have been pretty resilient as of late. could this burst our bubble? >> we're watching the fufrtures, and wall street really has shrugged its shoulders at this issue. last week we saw the s & p probably where your 401(k) has some of the s & p in it we saw it fall for the first time in four weeks, but it's 3/10 of a% and it's up 9% this year so we haven't seen too much action so far.
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>> harris: i want to go back to cyprus for a second. the country, a beautiful island. and many people can't find it quickly on a map and now suddenly, it's thrust into the headlines and the reason we care is because this could spread. in fact, the cypriots know this, in fact, watch this. >> because if we fall, if this experiment works here in greece, in cyprus and they take out deposits, greece is next, spain, portugal, italy, all of southern mediterranean and europe. >> harris: so anybody watching this has to say deja vu all over again, this time it's different. >> that's an astute observer. we have been through this and we didn't think we'd go through it again. cyprus is only the third smallest economy in the euro zone. if it has to devalue its currency, then do we have a domino fall and a fall in other places, spain, italy, and then do we see the whole thing going over with greece and the rest? >> and impacts us, and people
4:08 pm
may begin to take some of their money out of stocks here at home. >> what happens, people flee, basically, to quality. the dollar go up and treasuries being bought and see people getting out of risky things such as stocks. >> harris: you're the silver lining person on fox report weekend. you always find it for us and say later on in the week no matter what happens, if we feel a hiccup, if we don't, because of this week and cyprus and european problems over there, we have some good news coming? >> plenty to move the markets this week, and we have news on housing, both on prices and pending home sales and prices across the country and he we also have consumer confidence which has been quite high. so the housing rebound is something that's been pushing the bulls and they have been very resilient. we've seen them running, i'm not so sure that the 13th hour is going to put the brakes on them. >> harris: sounds good. i like that. brenda buttner, good to see you. >> thank you. >> harris: u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that
4:09 pm
iraq is involved with the civil war in syria. how? the secretary says that iraq has been helping prop up assad as he fights for power there. kerry making an unannounced visitor to iraq and meeting with nuri al-maliki. and stopping the flow of weapons into neighboring syria. weapons that are only making the civil war more deadly. and steve centanni is here. how are they flowing into syria? >> reporter: according to u.s. officials there are flights just about every day, from iran to syria travelling across the iraqi air space. iran says they carry humanitarian aid, but u.s. says they carry weapons to the syrian government. and secretary of state john kerry urged al-maliki to crack down on the flights requiring they land in iraq for inspection before continuing on to syria. >> we had a very spirited discussion on the subject of the overflights and i made it
4:10 pm
very clear, anything that supports president assad is problematic. >> kerry suggested the future of u.s.-iraqi relations is hanging in the balance here, harris. >> harris: given the recent talks and the possibility of chemical weapons used on citizens and we saw the actual video and pictures of people going to the hospital. reportedly the u.s. is not directly helping the syrian rebels, steve, but could this change now? >> some think it should and should change soon including the chairman of the committee, mike rogers of michigan, and there's growing evidence that chemical weapons have been used and rogers says president obama himself says that the use of chemical weapons in syria will be a game changer. >> i think it's abundantly clear that the red line has been crossed. absolutely. in the senate, a democrat and
4:11 pm
republican coming out and we better do that. in the house, republicans and democrats saying we better do something. >> he doesn't want what he calls a big boots on the ground, but something small could make a difference. >> harris: thank you. a spectacular sight at the vatican today. ♪ pope francis leading thousands of catholic faithful on this palm sunday for mass. he took time to remind the crowd to remain humble and loyal to god. palm sunday is the final sunday of lent and leads up to the holeiest day on the calendar, easter. right now investigators trying to piece together how two skydivers on a dream vacation and something going wrong in the air.
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and millions of you are feeling it right now and that's before you head out on your morning commute tomorrow. we're watching a huge storm system widespread, part of a system that will drop severe weather on some places and snow on others. stay close. ecognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth for goddess skin you can feel and feel. ♪ i'm your venus only from venus embrace.
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>> fox weather alert. a powerful snowstorm that closed highways, caused multiple clashes and canceled flights in colorado this week already. and it's moving to the midwestern states with potential to affect millions of people through tomorrow. the fresh powder in kansas city, illinois and missouri and the same threat of severe weather to the south. meteorologist janice dean is in the fox weather center. >> harris, looking at the pictures that winter has overstayed its welcome. take a look at some of these totals, over 19 inches in parts of colorado, denver close to 12 inches, goodland,
4:16 pm
kansas, 15 and got this out of st. charles, missouri. 13 1/2. when is it going to end? spring is supposed to be here and look at these temperatures. 30 in kansas city right now. 33 in minneapolis, 20 in rapid city, 33 in chicago, 32 in cleveland and even in memphis, 42 and 54 in atlanta. let' take a look at the snowy side of the storm where it continues to pile up in missouri, illinois and indiana. peoria you're getting hammered right now. indianapolis and columbus and the second part of the snow is pushing snow across blue ridge mountains, mountains ever virginia and west virginia and snow activity for d.c. this is the first part of the storm and the parent low, the big pressure center is across the mideast. winter weather advisory for those in the pink and those are winter storm warnings and
4:17 pm
philadelphia, we could get several inches of snow. and tricky forecast tonight into tomorrow and the severe threat ongoing for parts of central florida. orlando reports of damages at the theme parks because after reported tornado early on today so we'll keep you abreast of that situation. as we go through time overnight tonight, into monday. cincinnati, cleveland, still getting snow. there's the snow in d.c. and new york city, a slushy few inches that's going to be a really hard fork because of the march sun angle and the fact that we're going to certainly have to keep track of where the storm moves off the coast. we still could see the potential for some plowable snow across new jersey and new york city area and it's going to depend how much cold air is involved and how close to the coast. we'll keep you posted the next 24 to 48 hours and it will be
4:18 pm
out of here. >> harris: where is the groundhog, and he said-- >> he's being sued. >> probably drinking, too. >> i would be. >> harris: a single ticket matched all six numbers for the nearly 340 million dollar jackpot and now we know it was sold in jersey. so far no one has come forward to claim the prize. if case you're feeling lucky and you bought a ticket the winning numbers on the screen and lottery officials saying the fourth largest jackpot in powerball history was last night and we'll learn more details about the sale of that golden ticket tomorrow. maybe you have it. check these numbers, and lump sum worth more than 220 million dollars. 13 other tickets worth 1 million dollars apiece matched all the final numbers. well, it's happened again, in the same florida neighborhood where one man died when the earth opened up and swallowed his house with him in it.
4:19 pm
and once again, a sinkhole posing a new threat. and then the emotional and physical scars of war, but thousands of our veterans are not receiving the help they've been promised. and fighting to cut through the red tape to make sure our national heroes get the benefit they deserve. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the cmand performance sales event. th is the pursuit of perfection. military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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>> two skydivers are dead. investigators are now trying to figure out why. it happened outside tampa, florida. the men, part of a group of 22 jumpers taking to the skies, but after the third set of jumps the two guys went missing. a search for them ended when their bodies were found in the woods near the airport. the owner of the facility says the victims' main parachute
4:23 pm
never opened, but the reserve chute did. both are from iceland. one a 40-year-old instructor and the other a 25-year-old student. in tampa area, a sinkhole happening in the same neighborhood war the man was swallowed by the sinkhole. and it was a mile from the tragedy. nobody hurt this time. eight feet wide, ten feet deep and people in the two houses surrounding it told to get out. >> i saw like grass down in the hole with, it was like rocks and stuff in there. it was deep. i was scared that maybe be our house next. >> harris: wow, you remember 36-year-old jeff bush was asleep in his bed when a sinkhole opened up beneath his home. his body has never been recovered. turning now to story we've been following for a while, the massive backlog of disability claims at department of veterans affair. the red tape forcing many of
4:24 pm
our veterans to wait months, maybe years for benefits they deserve. today the va secretary calling the backlog unacceptable saying he's standing by his commitment to the end. by 2015. >> the commitment hasn't changed. i took this job to make things better for veterans. i don't know them individual will y ly, but i know them as a group and served with many of them this.he commitment hasn't >> harris: he says he'll fix it by 2015, but there's still a lot to fix. and doug kennedy has more on the hassle some are facing. >> reporter: and there was bureaucracy at the va he said made the last years of his life a living hell. >> he fought more with that va than he did in vietnam. >> harold frazier is one of 20,000 u.s. veterans who died last year waiting for the department of veterans affairs to decide on their benefits.
4:25 pm
now, a circuit court judge in washington is taking the federal agency to task for making it more difficult for veterans to receive benefits. judge jay plaguer of the u.s. court of appeals issued an order, blasting the va for failing to live up to its commitment and called the va's actions troubling and threatened to penalize agency officials. it seems that sanctions may be needed to motivate the va in the future. the judge wrote in the 13-page order. david hoffman is is from the nation of veterans advocates. we brought the lawsuit because there are a lot of veterans whose rights were being short-changed. the judge came out and ruled in our favor, saying that va cannot proceed in this fashion that they were circumventing the rights of veterans. >> in a statement the va did not go into detail about the
4:26 pm
opinion, but working to form a response. fox news has been covering the story of the va backlog for months. speaking with countless, frustrated veterans like robert. >> you applied for benefits from the va two and a half years ago, but you got very little response? >> actually we got no response. it's a very, very difficult, tiresome process. >> right now the department of veterans affairs, fights against veterans. it's crazy, it's insane. >> veterans advocates across the country are hopping the court order will spur the va to help vets, rather than fight them. in new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> it is a civil war that has killed more than 70,000 people and driven more than a million from their homes. now the united states has the proof of how other countries are helping mysterious governments slaughter its own people. and corporate sponsors are involved in plenty of causes,
4:27 pm
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for more of the inside story, visit >> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. in the island eld sland of cypre are intense negotiations for
4:31 pm
the last minute bailout that could involve raiding the bank accounts of everyday citizens there. cyprus has to raise as much as 7 1/2 billion dollars to receive badly needed loans to keep the banks running from the european central bank. this as the people on the streets continue to drain everyday available atm's. there's a limit, but many banks are shutting them down. for years, the fight for marriage equality has led to fights across states, with some banning and others approving marriage. this could change the course of the very issue, peter doocy with the news from washington. >> reporter: harris, here in washington there's snow he in the forecast, but that's not stopped the formation of a line on the cold sidewalk in front of the supreme court, even though arguments in the highly anticipated marriage equality cases don't start till tuesday. and when the constitutionality of california's 2008 ban on
4:32 pm
gay marriage, prop 8 will be argued and on wednesday. and the marriage act, must define marriage as between one man and one woman. supporters of traditional marriage are warning about cultural changes that could accompany laws that permit same-sex marriage. >> and it goes to altering society and parents losing the right to define to their children. it's about the right to conduct your business as you see fit. >> support for legal same-sex marriage has grown although the latest fox news poll shows less than half, 49% of registered voters now favor it. still, one attorney arguing marriage equality is predicting a win. >> the right to marry is well established. the supreme court ruled you can't take away the right to
4:33 pm
marry even from imprisoned felons. you can't take it away, it's such a fundamental right of liberty. >> reporter: we don't expect an actual ruling in either case until june. harris. >> harris: peter, thank you. let's go back to the crisis in syria and video coming and proof that at least one other country is helping the syrian government slaughter its own citizens. and secretary of state john kerry turning up the pressure in a surprise visit to baghdad. and taking them to task for the shipment of weapons passing through that country. leland vittert is in the news room with more and that video. >> reporter: harris, the iraqis have been giving the wink-wink, nudge-nudge to iran and flying weapons and even revolutionary guard, and assad going public with the evidence, showing that the private discussions didn't
4:34 pm
work and now they want to shame the iraqis. fox news was the first to report about the flight that was a combination of civilian airliners, civilian and russian planes, and flying to soar yeah with anything assad needs to keep killing his people. and they confirm this is the flights happening twice a week. and iran helping syria is no secret, but iraq's complicity in the efforts has the u.s. upset. secretary of state john kerry arrived unannounced in baghdad to talk about the issue shall the fact that the u.s. is taking their intelligence public shows that earlier pressure on the iraqis didn't work. and the u.s. is in a difficult place when it comes to syria. and on one say his days are numbers. on the other side, the extremist groups and affiliates are a part of the fight and the power vacuum in syria to help sell the weapons
4:35 pm
and ammunition. this comes as the opposition is becoming more fragmented. just today, a top syrian rebel leader resigned in frustration. and meaning the united states and allies have no clear idea who takes over, if and when president assad falls. harris? >> leland, thank you. despite death threats from the taliban, the former pakistani president musharaff is back in his country and returned to pakistan after more than four years in exile. musharaff considering a possible political comeback. and musharaff telling a crowd of several thousand people who met him at the airport today that he has returned to save pakistan. afghan president hamid karzai getting ready to talk peace with the taliban. karzai will travel to qatar to discuss the peace process and how they would do it and the taliban opening an office there for the purpose of
4:36 pm
negotiating with afghanistan. and the u.s. has said it would support setting up an office for peace talks. and a few weeks ago karzai accused of u.s. of talking with the taliban. the u.s. denies that accusation. and the famed red square in moscow shut down and hauling people away in buses. stories in 80 seconds. >> and trying attention to activists for crimes mass disorder and violence against police, but the protesters did not have permission from the government to gather there and police arrested at least ten of them. the west bank-- palestinian christians celebrating palm sunday at the church of the nativity in
4:37 pm
bethlehem. it marks the beginning of holy week. and in israel, orthodox jews in jerusalem making final preparations before passover. the holiday begins tomorrow at sunset and jewish people don't eat leaven wheat and a reminder there was not enough time for the bread to rise in the exodus. and china, new pandas headed to canada where they'll call home for the next decade. boarded the panda express in a fed ex contain are made just for them and loading the pandas came about during a trip to canada by the prime minister. and that's a wrap on the trip around the world in 80 seconds. the fed pulling off a drug bust, but they weren't after cocaine or heroin.
4:38 pm
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we'll do the rest. looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn. >> a nine-year-old girl survives a horrific accident. climbing out of a dark canyon in the middle of the night to save her dad. the force escape launched over an embankment in california in the middle of the night. that child climbed out of the wreckage and walked in dark ness four hours and flagged down a motorist. >> she walked quite a distance in a threatening environment. it's he very black out here, dark, and steep and brushy and there are coyotes in the background. >> harris: oh, my gosh, she was only nine, i mentioned that. by the time the emergency
4:42 pm
crews got it the crash, her dad was dead and that girl was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and federal agents carrying out a massive sweep in california looking for laughing gas, raiding more than a dozen businesses suspected in a nitrous oxide ring. otherwise known as laughing gas. and users inhale the laughing gas to try to get a cheap and dangerous high. >> we have armed robberies conducted by gangs stealing the gas from each other, it can be taken home or to a large underground party, balloons are sold, $3, $10 a pop. and a lot of money to be made. >> and they took gas street value, 20 million dollars. >> a driver shot and killed outside of papa john's pizza. on this fox trip across
4:43 pm
america. oklahoma, police say the victim was unloading pizza dough from the back of his truck when his partner, who was in the restaurant, heard what sounded like a loud crash. he ran outside to find the victim on the ground and called 911. police saying the man had been shot twice in the chest, later died. investigators saying up to three people may be involved. and it's not clear why the pizza driver was killed. >> arkansas, a train derailment leaves behind a twisted mess of metal, one person hospitalized. a union pacific freight train hauling auto parks, crashed into the train on the track next to t no word on the cause. california, here is something you don't see every day. a cadillac on the roof of a home in suburban los angeles. turns out the elderly driver lost control while making a turn and drove through the
4:44 pm
front yard and on the roof of a home next door. and neighbors came running. drivers and passenger not hurt and the home owner shocked it find a home on his garage, but otherwise fine. arizona an experience some high school students will likely never forget, learning what it's like to be disabled. one student charging $15 for able bodied people to compete in a series of events all in wheelchairs. one veteran thrilled to see young kids clearing up misconceptions about disabilities. i don't mind talking to kids because it seems like that's the best way to hit the next generation with it's okay being, you know, disabled. >> harris: all the money raised will help the veteran in the national wheelchair games in florida. that's a fox watch across america. for the first time since superstorm sandy hit, coney island is back in business. >> one, two, three--
4:45 pm
go ahead. >> harris: the red tape there, you see the new york senator chuck schumer in the crowd. this is a big deal for this area. the iconic beach front amusement park opening on schedule this year. the 29th annual blessing of the ride, they do this each year on palm sunday. it's getting the egg cream christening. if you haven't been here and you must come here and have one. this is not just any opening, it's a huge comeback. five months ago, a little more than that sandy devastated coney. and it was under five feet of water and sand was under and the amusement park buried in sand. some people saying it's a miracle the rides are running. many who live nearby are still struggling to recover. schools burdened by budget cuts are turning to outside help to keep their classrooms running and getting a boost in funding from corporate sponsors. dominic di-natale is looking
4:46 pm
at it for us. >> reporter: and harris, it's not without the controversy, but the budget cuts that are from educators to parents about the morality of corporate advertising in schools is certainly causing a stir. yet, filling the financial shortfall is the biggest prem fa prem-- problem facing schools today. and he needs funding. >> american public education is in financial crisis. >> he heads up education funding partners, a colorado firm that matches it with schools looking for cash. >> they want the right partners and the right controls, our model gives them that control. >> over the years more schools have been turning to corporate sponsors for much needed revenue. they struck a deal with staples in exchange for ads on the district's website and a supply list containing a coupon and kids got to attend
4:47 pm
the science enrichment program. >> it's really about selling anything, it's about allowing companies to come in and partner for a good cause and public education in responsible ways. >> there are aggressive campaigns out there buses and playing fields becoming common. for some districts it's what keep the doors open. critics argue it comes at a high price. >> kids deserve a commercial-free education and that the messages in schools have been selected because they're good for them, good for their education and not because it's the highest bidder paid for them. >> one more point here, harris. a national education policy stresses that the harm comes with a campaign contradicts what a child learning in class or a paid-for program places something educational. back to you. >> harris: dom, thank you very much. i'm going to live tweet during fox weekend, as i do each
4:48 pm
weekend. who is atop your bracket. and peter schrager getting pretty and the blue angels. they've dazzled people for decades. and that's about to change. how budget cuts are grounding the highfliers. ♪ what are you doing? licking the cream off these oreo cookies. that's stupid. you're wasting the best part. shuh, says the man without a helicopter. wait, don't go! [ male announcer ] choose your side at try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align.
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>> the blue angels might have made their final flight at least for now in the florida keys. they're performing fancy flying maneuvers since 1946. and they will be using them as a he recruiting tool, but the automatic budget cuts we've
4:52 pm
grown to know so well forcing the department of defense to cut the cost and that means air shows will have to go for now. the blue angels flight leader is speaking out saying losing the performances would be quote, a tremendous loss to our recruiting effort, end quote. well, there's a reason we call it march madness. and kansas jayhawks showing why they're the number one seed. beating the tarheels. i have to put it in context, we had a little thing going on fox report five. some of my co-workers went to north carolina and they were keeping this hidden from me until the two teams played and their team up 30-19 by the half and i feel i'm doing your job. and peter schrager is here and they're up and i'm watching like this as we come to air. >> you weren't the only one. it was played in kansas city and kansas fans in the building in the first ten minutes, 12-2 north carolina and you could hear the tension in the crowd like, guys, what's going on?
4:53 pm
and they were down 9 at the half and kansas gets their act together and number one in the region and blowout north carolina in the second half and mcelmore was tremendous and the kansas city jayhawks. >> harris: he was there long enough. we still love him. i mentioned one of four top seeds and i asked people to tweet me and curious to see who people say will going. who is atop your bracket. >> and the team i had going, i thought indiana was the team that's going to do it this year and they had a scare as well today. indiana here up one point against a very tough team. victor beating temple in a three-point shot at the end and big ten, and everyone wants to poke at and it's not the conference it used to. and they've got four teams in the sweet 16 and minnesota playing tonight and illinois tonight and big ten is dominating the ncaa
4:54 pm
tournament. indiana number one seed got through today. >> harris: there you go. and bobby litton on my twitter, says duke all the way and mark says how about arizona? >> duke plays tonight and arizona advances and beat harvard yesterday. that game between two proud schools, academic and athletic institutions. it's wide open why we love march madness and they had gonzaga, a number one seed losing to wichita 11 seed. and that's an upset and everybody's brackets were busted and now see what happens as we go on and starts, thursday and friday again, and games tonight being played. it's amazing, every year everyone thinks they know, they're experts and get to the tournament. whoever wins in the office pool it's not the guy or-- >> it's true though. who are the sweet 16 favorites at this point. >> sweet 16 favorites, go with the one seeds. love what indiana is doing and kansas, but teams like duke are always going to be challenging and last year lost to lehigh, they're going to advance and play tonight.
4:55 pm
i think they'll win. if you're looking for a cinderella team i'm going to say wichita state and they've got a coach that looks good. >> harris: really? and i remember people were asking me lehigh is it hyphenated. who? and arnold palmer and tiger woods, and people are out still on whether they like tiger. >> tiger made the announcement he was dating lindsey vonn, the skier. and how about on the game on the course. >> harris: and that's all people care about now. >> big news. >> harris: whatever. >> on the course led by three strokes and play was suspended after just two holes because of the severe weather down in orlando. and there was wind blowing everywhere and rain pouring and they'll finish up tomorrow. if tiger wins, he would be the number one golfer going into the masters. >> harris: and ed reed put out a thank you ad. he played for the baltimore ravens and finally won a super
4:56 pm
bowl. and houston texans, pays for an ad in the baltimore sun to thank the fans for the 11 years and a classy gesture. no matter what he's wearing, they're going to love ed reed except when they play the texans. >> harris: no doubt. that's pretty cool. >> the baltimore sun. >> harris: you can see the whole write-up. >> and they have a foundation in baltimore which is very popular and active and going to go to that. and ed reed always a celebrity in baltimore. >> harris: how about that? stay classy, baltimore. and-- >> that's a good photo. thanks, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> harris: and a piece of history expected to grow into a symbol of hope. stay with us. in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful.
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understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. >> it was a chestnut tree that stood as a symbol of hope for ann frank as they hid from the

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